Posted by: r.m. | February 24, 2009

oceanic plastic garbage

…and we thought the garbage we had in Lebanon was quite large. — The world’s rubbish dump: a garbage tip that stretches from Hawaii to Japan



  1. I had no idea that such a “garbage soup” even existed in the ocean.
    The big problem is, in my opinion, not related to the insufficient recycling factories in the world but to the massive amount of plastics we use in our daily lives.
    I mean if you think about it all of our “disposable” plastics are things that could be easily replaced by a more environmentaly friendly choice.
    Paper bags or even reusable washable bags instead of the ones we use at the supermarket and end up throwing away. Alot of small changes we can do in our daily lives could cut back on this massive amount of plastic waste and we wouldn’t have to talk about the “necessity” of recycling.

  2. I knew we were throwing tremendous amounts of garbage in the ocean, but never in my worst nightmare did I think the size of the plastic dump was this large.
    Although it is mentioned in the article that the plastic soup is transluscent, I can’t stop thinking that it must be affecting the amount of light reaching the marine phytoplankton.
    If we recycle only half of the garbage we dispose, we will eventually reduce the size of this dump and we will also reduce the amount of petroleum required for the production of new plastic goods.

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