Posted by: r.m. | February 28, 2009

a seedling when the pyramids were built…look at it now

Arboreal wonders of the world

to think that these magnificent creatures began as tiny seeds… such wonder..such magic

the king of the forest, king-of-the-forest-giant-012How big is big? Well, 17 men standing fingertip to fingertip might just reach the 31m (102ft)

round the base of General Sherman

and look at this beauty..


Earth’s oldest living inhabitant, Methuselah, is a bristlecone pine nearly 3,050m (10,000ft) up in California’s white mountains. It was found in 1957 and is reckoned to be 4,768 years old – so it would have been a seedling when the pyramids went up. A much older pine, known only as WPN-114, was casually cut down in 1964 by a geography student

You must see the full list – breathtaking!!

So, have you fallen in love with trees and forests? Check this out: the world’s remaining forests



  1. waw! trees turn out to be much more exiting than i thought…they are beautiful creatures. But i think that their location shoudnt be a secret but on the contrary. i believe that allowing the world to see and feel such amazing creatures will help them to understand the importance of taking care of them…

  2. Check out this link

    The tree is surreal almost looks like as someone had photoshoped it.

    I don’t agree with jessica these trees should be kept out of the public’s reach because even with tight security and maintenance to the trees people still manage somehow to destroy these last natural wonders.

  3. It is amazing how large trees can get and how adapted they are to be able to survive this long in a rapidly changing environment. All of the pictures show very beautiful trees but the picture of the curly branches of the Methuselah is breathtaking.

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