Posted by: r.m. | February 28, 2009

soldiers…and others?

I read these accounts by soldiers traumatized by war.Cpl Beharry is a confident, self-possessed, yet modest, man, driven to make something of his life and help others. But he is also a soldier tortured by mental and physical wounds, who has had to learn to live with constant pain, nightmares, mood swings and unexplained rages”

As wronged as they were, I wonder — what of the people still living in that “battlefield,” the people who did not go anywhere, who did not enlist in any armed forces, who simply were born in their homeland and had to face the onslaught of foreign soldiers? How do they rest? How do they sleep?

What about the people of Iraq? Of Occupied Palestine? …



  1. Tts sad that we live in an unfair world, where a true heroe is never appreciated…

  2. Those people are just a statistic. They will be treated as numbers in books and journals and of course all emphasis will be on their hardship under totalitarian regimes and nothing said of the hi-tech terrorism committed by the freedom fighters who had to put their studies on hold just to go and liberate people in the third world. Even anti-war publications remind us of our “brave men and women in the armed forces”. What is so brave about committing mass murder against civilians in the search of non-existent weapons of mass destruction?

  3. exactly…at least those soldiers had someone to come and pick them up
    but what about those civilians caught up in the war who had no one come and save them and they are still living such nightmares up till now?

  4. Jessica: who is a true hero?

  5. a hero is a person who stands fights for good values….
    A lifesaver can be a hero..a person who went out of his way to save a life!!!
    A hero is also the one who woke up with a reality that he had to face and live with, because unfortunately thats how life goes…

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