Posted by: r.m. | March 1, 2009

shifting our priorities

Alligators bask off the English coast, the Saharan desert stretches far into Europe and just 10 per cent of humans are left on the planet.

Science fiction?

No, this is the doomsday scenario being predicted by scientists if global temperatures make a predicted rise of 4C in the next 100 years. Some fear it could happen as early as 2050.”


The severe drought and searing heat will oppress wide swathes of the earth with increasing frequency this century, according to a forecast by scientists who met this week in Beijing, the UN weather agency said today. “The combination of record heat and widespread drought during the past five to ten years over large parts of southern and eastern Australia is without historical precedent and is, at least partly, a result of climate change,’ according to a statement endorsed by the scientists at the meeting co-sponsored by the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The continental United States and Mexico, the Mediterranean basin, parts of northern China, southern Africa and Australia and parts of South America were cited as particularly prone to harsh drought, WMO said in a press release relaying the results of the International Workshop on Drought and Extreme Temperatures. In addition, severe heat waves are expected to increase everywhere, especially in the continental western US, northern Africa, the Middle East, central Asia, southern Africa and Australia, the agency added.”



  1. how r we supposed to reduce the our carbon to 70% by 2015 when its increasing 3 % more each year?
    i honestly never cared about such issues, all i wanted was to survive everyday. BUT after reading that i believe that surviving is related to US as humans caring about this catastrophe!
    lets all think beyond the material present to gain our survival by trying to make it happen…

  2. I was kind of optimistic about climate change but I’m not anymore. How is it remotely possible to reduce our carbon emissions by 70% in 6 years?
    As for the drought and heat waves, I am really sad to read that our region is not going to escape from this catastrophe. Our agriculture is already suffering, how would it handle more stress?

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