Posted by: r.m. | March 2, 2009

reading material

Since so many of my students have listed climate change as their topic of interest, here are a few top-notch blogs for you to read.

Climate Feedback



The Oil Drum



  1. Global warming is expected to have catastrophic effects. If the observable effects are already worse than expected, why are we even bothering to try and save the world? Isn’t it too late?
    I wonder if aerosols can trap UV light, contributing to the greenhouse effect.
    Also, I am not surprised that US media is not interested in covering environmental news. When the government understates an issue, the people shouldn’t be blamed for not paying much attention to it.
    As for the restoration of ecosystems, can we bring them back before we reverse the change in conditions that led to their deterioration?
    The rise in sea level is continually reassessed and each time the sea is exepted to rise even more. The way we’re going, entire countries can be wiped off the map. Will Lebanon even exist in 100 years?
    Another article that really intrigued me is the one about the search for new energy sources. I was surprised to see wood and coal so high on the list. I always expected wind to be the fuel of the future. I guess I missed the fact that the bad economy might cost us our high-tech lifestyle. The idea that we might have to give up technology and go back to a much more basic lifestyle scares me.

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