Posted by: r.m. | March 2, 2009


The mammals have stranded themselves on King Island, in the Bass Strait between the mainland and the southern state of Tasmania. Reports say about 140 out of nearly 200 whales have already died. More than 400 whales have died in Tasmanian waters in recent months, in a phenomena for which scientists still have no definitive explanation….Theories include disturbance of echo-location, possibly by interference from sound produced by human activities at sea.”



  1. why? the mystery will remain unsolved.
    The number of whale deaths this year is the highest since 1971 and the tests are not solving this mystery. Scientists are trying to come with many theories : like echo-location disturbance or a toxic manner

  2. It is obvious that this phenomenon is a threat to an already endangered species. We can notice that there were a small number of whales in the first place; most of which were later found dead on the beach.
    It is essential for us to know why this is happening because we would probably figure out a way to stop it. However since this might take time, we would have to consider treating the consequences before treating the causes. So, for example, we might have to repel these animals from land by any mean.

  3. I am surprised that so many whales die due to this phenomenon. I wonder why the rescue efforts are failing. Why do most whales die on the beach instead of being returned to the ocean? With numbers this high I wouldn’t be surprised if these species face extinction in the near future.

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