Posted by: r.m. | March 3, 2009

drawing a line in the snow

More than 95 activists from the League of Independent activists, IndyACT, held a symbolic action on the snows of Faraya in order to highlight the fact that climate change can lead to the disappearance of snow in Lebanon.”



  1. I think with the snow going and the cedars becoming endangered our Lebanese flag is going to become all red due to the blood of martyrs which is rapidly increasing and which we are never going to get shortage of. Lebanese people should really start to take care of the environment and let us hope that everyone would memorise the number 350. Let us help IndyACT and all the environmental organizations and be part of something useful.

  2. niceeee….leb without ice…..that could be a disaster to our economy since it depends mostly on tourism in which snow tourism sites play a great part
    by the way i only know about 2 snow tourism sites and the article stated 6
    i’d like to know about the rest

  3. Someone invited me to join this cause and I was wondering what 350 stood for. Now I know 🙂
    Finally, I read an article that really spoke to me because I have personally seen, and sobbed about, the effects of climate change on our ski resorts. I have great respect for the young men and women of this organization. Chapeau Bas!

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