Posted by: r.m. | March 3, 2009

would you try one of these?

and, if you would try one of these oddball, environmental inventions – which one would it be? 🙂

Check it out -> Top 10 Odd Environmental Ideas

(If any of these ideas actually makes it to Lebanon, I wonder which one will get here first…)



  1. Well some of these solution seem irrational but some may be functional. If biofuels prove themselves efficient, it would be a great impact to our world. I would like to know more if those urine batteries actually work well. I don’t know if any of these solutons may reach Lebanon but if the Democrats applied the greenest convention in USA then we must have done so here long before but i doubt it with such ecologically careless politicians.

  2. 1)Reusable Toilet Wipes: Come on who would use such a product? Being environmentally friendly is one thing but replacing toilet paper is one crazy never going to work idea!

    2)Sustainable Love: How about NOT using condoms at all? That surely would be a very eco-friendly idea! Except well for the whole fallen economy due to large number of offsprings.

    3)Stapleless Stapler: Now here’s a fine product! Except for the fact that it contributes NOT AT ALL to the solution!

    4)Pig Urine Plates: NO COMMENT on the pig urine being a replacer for plastics.

    5)Doin’ the Electric Slide: Electric energy from dance floors is a very innovative idea. The owner may have missed to mention that the cost to set up such a system would cost about 50 years of supplying power to the dance club.

    6)Urine Batteries: What is it with scientists and using urine for various products? But really if tis would work I am all for it!

    7)The Greenest Convention Ever: How would not changing your underwear save the planet? Even if it did: people change your underwear!

    8)Resomation: Very good idea! burying the dead is an old fashioned idea. Use corpses as fertilizers instead.

    9)Bra Power: “The idea is apparently feasible: a bra made of fabric interwoven with tiny wires can produce electricity from the bosom’s natural bouncing motion throughout the day, enough to power a cell phone or an iPod. The larger the cup size, the more energy produced.” Who comes up with this?

    10)The Tempuramobile: An idea that’s been out there for uite some time. Should be implemented very soon. Actually I think it’s the best idea in this crazy list.

  3. Ali: Why do you think biofuels are such a good idea?

  4. Ibrahim: how would not using condoms be eco-friendly? The potential spread of STDs, and, worse, unwanted children and increased family size — how would that be good?

    And a stapler without staples saves staples and thus saves all the resources that go into making staples 🙂

    and the electric slide: you write, “The owner may have missed to mention that the cost to set up such a system would cost about 50 years of supplying power to the dance club.” Really? How do you know that?

  5. Recycled toilette papers or substituting plastic with pig urine and urine batteries are surely crazy odd ideas whereas for the Resomation idea I do not think that such thing could be applicable in our country because of the ethical issue.
    Finally I believe that the Tempuramobile suggestionis the best one among all these crazy thoughts.

  6. DR r.m.:
    1)Clearly my comment about not using condoms was a sarcastic way of saying that the whole idea is stupid. I am sorry if that wasn’t clear by my oh so sarcastic tone 🙂

    2) The stapler without staples IS a good idea but if you read it again you would see that it can only staple five pages together. I just think that the idea isn’t really an environment saving plan. Don’t get me wrong I would use this BUT it wouldn’t be because i think it’s saving the planet (because clearly it has very little effect and wouldn’t stop the production of staples)

    3) ok for your third inquiry:

    check out how the floor works here:

    so we need piezoelectric crystals, springs, and batteries (don’t forget that batteries need to be replaced every other year: a VERY good battery would last 2.5 years max)
    I tried to find out how much all of that costs but I couldn’t get a precise figure. BUT piezoelectric crystals cost a lot. If you add up the battery maintenance and all that it sums up to a lot. Okay i agree my 50 years assumption was a guess but clearly the system is not worth it.

  7. Ibrahim
    Thank you. Very interesting!

  8. -Reusable toilet wipes: I agree with the writer that this would be an EXTREMELY tough sell. I mean washing after using the toilet, when you are in your own house, is one thing. Walking around with used wipes in your bag is a whole other thing. Would I use them? Not even if the only other choice was wiping with thorns.
    -Sustainable love: These condoms don’t seem like a crazy idea. For once, the workers would be benefiting from the sales.
    -Stapleless stapler: I didn’t know staples were so bad! I might use it but most times if you doctors give us less handouts to staple 🙂 . However, I agree that we have bigger fish to fry.
    -Pig urine plates: That idea is sure to make me go anorexic.
    -Doin’ the electric slide: I love this idea but I wonder if it is cost effective.
    -Urine batteries: I refrain from voting on this idea. I’m all for urine-free inventions.
    -The greenest convention ever: The recycling is great. The wooden cards are not bad. The underwear is just wrong.
    -Resomation: Fertilizing fields with dead bodies is too creepy for my taste. I’m willing to lead a green life if you allow me to pass away the traditional way.
    -Bra power: Very nice (and funny) concepts. Why not?
    -The tempuramobile: Biofuels might sound like a good idea but I’m not a big fan. As the popularity of biodiesel increases, so do the prices of cooking oil. If you can’t afford food, you wouldn’t afford a car either.

  9. Stephanie:
    Yes the prices of cooking oil would increase BUT don’t forget it’s used cooking oil that is used here.
    Again I think it’s a great idea and it seems plausible and practical… Maybe we’ll be saving up cooking oil in the future instead of just throwing it away! Hey wait it also encourages recycling. Now thats a good invention!

  10. Although some of these ideas are too strange to be marketed (Pig urine plates!), others may reshape our future. Biofuels sound really promising and “Doin’ the electric slide” sounds really smart.
    I look forward to hearing about similar ideas.

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