Posted by: r.m. | March 4, 2009

inbred sperm…

It’s a triple whammy for male animals on the brink of extinction: not only are there fewer mates around to have sex with, but, to make things worse, their sperm are more likely to carry genetic abnormalities and less likely to be good swimmers, research shows.



  1. since the animal is unable to breed because of abnormalities in the sperm, scientists should help the animal in order to get offspring

  2. isn’t there any other faster way that scientists could save such animals apart from sperm banks?
    and think about the consequences if such thing happens with humans…..not the endangering part

  3. This is sad since the animals that really need good sperm are losing it. The sperm bank sounds like a good idea but I wonder if they could collect a large enough repertoire before these animals go extinct.
    Why don’t scientists try in vitro fertilization on endangered species? This could solve the motility problem

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