Posted by: r.m. | March 5, 2009

a standard index, please

“Can we tell if there are more or fewer droughts as a result of climate change? How does one compare the intensity, duration and spatial coverage of agricultural droughts in countries?

The problem is that there are at least 20 kinds of drought indices – numerical scales based on data such as rainfall and temperature – used to measure three types of droughts: meteorological, agricultural and hydrological.”



  1. it is true that drought indices vary based on many factors, and according to many criteria, but the general signs remain the same, so standardizing all droughts indices into one doesn’t seem so difficult, it needs just a few studies and little bit of work..
    whether it is meteorological, agricultural or hydrological,droughts have been dramatically increasing because of our effect on the climate, so we should make an effort to limit this threat imposed to us .

  2. Since drought is a major symptom of global warming, we need a standardized drought index so we can monitor the effect of our actions (both positive and negative). I would see how creating this standard would be hard since drought is somewhat a relative phenomenon.

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