Posted by: r.m. | March 5, 2009

are you sure you want to eat that?

10 Things We Didn’t Know About Food

(okay, the article is written for a US audience. How much of it applies here?)



  1. I think that it is a good idea to look at labels of merchandise we buy, especially at expiry dates here in Lebanon. however our country is still better than abroad from the fresh food side, i hope.

  2. I think if we live in the country side in Lebanon we don’t have much of a problem as in the city. Avoiding artificial food products and knowing more about their dangers is a good preventive way in order to sustain a healthy life, but I dont know to what extent we can apply it, unless we are willing to isolate ourselves from the this modern world which is careless of enviromental issues.

  3. You can’t blame the layman for judging a food by its wrapping. I consider myself an educated person and I still found myself shocked by the information I learned in my nutrition course and in this article. However, there is some hope in the horizon. First, we Lebanese people still rely more on organic food than Americans do. I’m glad to see that the economic crisis is starting to change their lifestyle, for the better. Also, I hear that Consumer Protection is becoming more and more active in Lebanon, so soon we might be able to rely on food labels, knowing that someone is watching.

  4. It is an interesting article because it offers grate tips concerning the way we should choose our food especially the tip that says “the fewer and simpler the ingredients the better.”
    However I believe that we should be thankful because we still find people planting their own garden in Lebanon.

  5. i think the issue isn’t what we don’t know about our food, its simply that we’re too lazy or careless to take the time to know, we just take the easy road down the nearest supermarket and take whatever they got to offer, rather than connsidering our choices, food industries are not the one to be blamed, at least not solely, if the demand on healthy items or products increase, teh market will have to provide it, all we gotta do is just take a stand.

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