Posted by: r.m. | March 6, 2009

sharks… (the non-human kind)

seeing (some of) these pictures, I can’t help but wonder at evolution’s sense of humor



  1. seeing these picture, i can’t help but sayin … holly crap they’re scary.

  2. I didn’t know there is this Huge variety of shark species,for example this is the first time i see or know about a shark name Port Jackson which doesn’t seem to look like one..and i envy those who goes beneath the sea to study sharks in a steel cage,it takes a lot of courage to do that !

  3. Oh my God, I’m never going to swim again!
    The one with the nose the size of a dinner table is amazing.
    I got terrified just looking at the teeth of the great white shark.
    I never knew sharks had scales. They look pretty sharp too.
    The one with the saw is definitely a joke of nature.

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