Posted by: r.m. | March 10, 2009

male chimps, male humans

There are many layers to this story, from the anger that this trapped Chimp feels at being watched, to the manner through which another Chimp, who expressed similar anger at similar ogling, was treated; Rather than the problem being rectified, they changed him, and note how they changed him: they castrated him.

On another note, it is good to see, once again, this repeated blind audacity of humans to present ourselves as separate and above all other animals on this Earth proven false. Chimps do what we do: plan for the future. In this case, create and build themselves a little ammunition cache to use against those pests, us.

Here is the story

and here is a compilation of the news stories on this discovery



  1. It’s amazing that the chimp only gathers stones at the side of the island where visitors come. That means that he has a pretty good memory. I’m also fascinated by his insistence to repeat his behavior even after zoo keepers removed the stones that he had gathered before.
    It’s a shame they castrated him. He would have produced very smart offspring.

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