Posted by: r.m. | March 11, 2009

climate change…

Earth may be entering climate change danger zone

Sea levels rising twice as fast as predicted

and check out this response to the Guardian’s article on acidification in the oceans



  1. In my opinion we are going to reach the 2C increase in temperature sooner than we think due to the increase in pollution that we are experiencing throughout the world.
    The whole idea of which the temperature increases or stays the same depends on every one of us and how we affect the area around us.

  2. ok , we read those articles and we know the consequences of climate change….
    Honestly, whats the point? no acts have been made yet ! i have been reading about global warming and the solutions predicted but there is no process.
    putting our acts together towards this danger is what should be done.

  3. Since we are reaching alarming levels of change faster than originally expected, I am scared that we might reach what scientists call the “tipping points” before our politicians wake up and smell the danger!
    I wonder if Lebanon is considered a low-lying country? Could we be facing a loss of habitat?
    I want to mention that I found it really interesting that melting of ocean ice sheets doesn’t affect sea levels whereas melting of land-based ice does.
    As for “misinformation”, I think it applies to most ecological issues in the media, not just ocean acidification, since we keep hearing about flawed reports.

  4. It’s no doubt that we are going to witness severe changes at all aspects such as sea level rise and acidification if the earth temperature continues to increase as a result of climate change, global warming and further emissions such as CO2. This is not to mention the effect of climate change on our health which i believe that not only will man suffer from kidney stones but he will also be exposed to new emerging diseases that is going to occur unexpectedly and beyond our control.

  5. Sorry i forgot to mention PDHP 212

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