Posted by: r.m. | March 11, 2009

so – chimps and us?

The Big Question: What does forward-planning reveal about chimps’ relationship to humans?



  1. Nothing so far that has come out has disproved (at least for me) the theory of evolution.
    by the way, there is a huge misconception regarding the theory of evolution in people who try to disprove it, they say “The theory of evolution says that we have evolved from apes”. This is not true! Scientists have been trying to make people understand that the theory of evolution does not say so!
    Us and chimps as well as other primates have evolved from a common ancestor but we are DISTINCT species!

    For other misconceptions that “doubtful people” put up to disprove evolution check out this website: (very interesting!)

  2. I can’t believe that chimps can memorize 5-digit numbers. The other tricks are even more amazing. Chimps seem to have the intelligence of a young child!
    The capacity of young chimps to learn cultural practices and to apply them during adulthood proves that chimps have a long attention span and an effective memory.
    On another note, I wonder what evolutionary pressure favoured the development of larger brains in humans.

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