Posted by: r.m. | March 12, 2009

losing the most human of apes?

So, are we more ‘chimp-like’ or more ‘orangutan-like’?

Why are orang-utans so like us?

and also

Editorial: We stand to lose that most human of apes

PEOPLE who work with orang-utans are regularly struck by their uncanny similarity to humans. Orang-utans walk on two legs. They have been known to fashion rain hats and shelters, and teach their young to make tools. One even taught herself to whistle….



  1. ok, isnt it depressing enough that we ressemble chimps… and now orang-utans??
    It’s interresting… i’d like to see one whistling though…

  2. Why is it depressing?
    Why shouldn’t it make us feel connected to other species and to the Earth, instead?

  3. I am more an more pleased by the assertion that the theory of evolution was right all alone.
    The problem that most people face with the theory of evolution are the numerous misconceptions that adversaries of this theory have spread over the years.
    One very good example of this is the: “you mean to say that we have evolved from chimps? wouldn’t ALL the chimps have evolved to become human? why are there chimps now?”
    Scientists have been trying for a long time to make people understand that the theory of evolution does not say so!
    We and chimps and other primates have COMMON ANCESTOR! meaning that neither we nor other chimps have evolved from each other but rather have evolved from another species that does not exist anymore!

    For more misconceptions about the theory of evolution check out this link (VERY interesting!):

    Check out the link and tell me you don’t believe in the theory of evolution!

  4. oh and by the way what’s the problem of resembling chimps? Are we so arrogant that we think of ourselves much better than other creatures?

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