Posted by: r.m. | March 12, 2009

not allowed to fish

Meanwhile… Gaza remains trapped. Israel continues to bomb and detain and kill.  Palestinians continue to resist.

and it is affecting the fisheries as well

A combination of damage to fishing resources caused by the Israeli offensive, and a restriction on the zone in which Gazans are allowed to fish is reducing catches and adversely affecting people’s diets in Gaza

After the recent war the Israeli naval authorities have been allowing Gazan fishermen to make just 10 fishing trips per month, instead of the 80 required, according to Azman.

“The larger fishing boats [about 85 of the total of 450 boats] cannot fish less than three miles from the coast,” said Azman. “We can’t catch big, healthy fish within the three mile zone, and in April Israeli and Egyptian fishermen will fish beyond the three-mile zone, reducing stocks,” said 56-year-old Gaza fisherman Mohammed al-Hisi.”



  1. that’s just sad, even if palestiniens settel with damaged or polluted fish, they still wont allow them to get it?…

  2. One more prove that confirm Israel roundness and inhumanity
    Why does not the UN secure the fishermen rights or at least supply the Palestinian need in proteins

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