Posted by: r.m. | March 19, 2009

selling rivers, lakes, ponds?

“At the moment in Turkey, legislation is being prepared which would give the rivers, lakes and ponds to corporations. In other words, water resources themselves may be transferred to the corporations, which until now only ran water distribution services. This is a new phase in the privatization of water.”



  1. whether its in turkey or anywhere else, no governement has the right to privitize our primary source of life. Therefor citizens has the right to react to such actions. Turkish citizens did responded to it’s governement hidden agenda, “a group of about 300 Turkish and international activists began a peaceful march towards the entrance of the 5th World Water Forum in Beyoglu to express their concerns about the political agenda of the event and prevent people getting inside.”(Coalition Against Water Privatisation).

  2. I believe it’s irrational to put water resources under the control of big corporations. They are probably interested only in increasing their profits, even at the expense of the environment… There should be a minimum of set of rules to organize the exploitation of water. However, I believe it’s best to define water in our legislations, as a “right” and not as a “need”, which prevents it from being the object of un-environmental trading

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