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boycott zionism

it is still under construction – quite under construction – but here’s a first glance


  1. […] blogger Rania Masri joined with her fellow blogger/academic Marcy Newman, an American who lives in the West Bank, to […]

  2. I want to address one of the great deceptions being promoted by the American Left, and government bureaucrats like Secretary. Hillary Clinton, Middle East Envoy George Mitchell, and Dianne Feinstein (D-California) AND RANIA MASRI, a blatant racist revisionist.

    Secretary Clinton states that, “Israel must make concessions.” “For Israel to get the support it’s looking for visa-a-vis Iran, it can’t stand on the sidelines with respect to the Palestinians and the peace efforts, and should halt settlement activity now—they go hand in hand.” They do not.

    Many of the settlements in question consist of mobile homes on barren hilltops, which is not a threat to peace; Iran launching ballistic missiles while enriching uranium most certainly is. George Mitchell’s naive analysis of Jewish settlements as a hindrance to peace is also misguided. Rather, continued expansion will show the PA leadership that Israel will no longer cave into false promises and dashed hopes for peace

    The Left uses the term “linkage.” Sen. Dianne Feinstein is quoted: “If Israel wants the U.S. help to deter Iran from nuclear weapons, then Israel must stop building settlements.” We need to un-link this link immediately for there is no connection.

    Why is Israel held to such high standards? The Left Wing condemns Israel every chance it gets, while they conveniently overlook the actions of Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria. They appeal for human rights; civil liberties, feminism and gay rights, yet Israel is the only country in the Middle East to honor civil rights, freedom of speech, religion, feminism, and gay rights. Gay rights is codified in Israeli law, and they serve openly in the military, which is in stark contrast to Hamas where being gay is a capital offense. Left Wing is silent.

    The Left Wing refer Israel to as an “apartheid state,” yet Arab citizens of Israel hold office in the Knesset; they have the right to vote, and to criticize the government. In Gaza, political opponents of Hamas are systematically rounded up and tortured, killed, and harassed. Israel has even rescued black refugees from the Sudan. The Left remains silent.

    The very act of evicting Jews for the purpose of creating another Arab state is in itself an act of apartheid. No country in the world has ever given up land conquered in a purely defensive war. Incredibly, the Left Wing is aligned with these martyrs who launch thousands of rockets at Israel from Lebanon and Gaza, long after Israel left Lebanon and Gaza.

    The Arab-Israeli conflict is not about land, it’s about legitimacy. The Arabs have never accepted another religious entity in the region other than Arab or Islam. If territorial compromise had been the key, peace would have been achieved sixty-two years ago.
    The Left has made a mockery of the concept of human rights, and has been exposed for the hypocrites that they are.

    I trust that the Obama Administration can differentiate between myth and fact, by applying pressure on the real perpetrators in this conflict. The current path President Obama is on will not get him and Clinton the pompous photo opportunities and false handshakes in the Rose Garden that they’re looking for.
    Those of us, who value life, will continue to fight for Israel, for there is no more room for lies and deception, and appeasement.

    Rene’ de la Varre
    701 Emory Dr
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    (919) 929-6168

  3. * Occupied What? 14 False Myths about Who Has Rights to Palestine and
    the Basis for Middle East Peace*

    Debunking racist Jew haters like Rania Masri, Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter is so easy! This is about a 2 state illusion.

    The Palestinians have gotten the short end of the historical stick, no
    doubt. (So have the Poles, Kurds, Armenians and Tibetans, to name a
    few.) But the Palestinians have also made and continue to make _huge
    historical blunders_—like refusing to recognize Israel for the last 61
    years and making the expulsion of Jews from the Jewish homeland the core
    purpose of their being.

    It’s time to face the facts: The Palestinians are indeed a defeated
    people, and they have practically zero leverage in suing for peace
    (even if they wanted peace, which they don’t seem to in the least). Palestinian political organizations are involved in murderous factional struggles,
    and governance is in shambles.

    If a Martian were suddenly to land on earth and start listening to and
    reading the mainstream media, he would form the impression that the
    entire Middle East conflict were due to Israel building some settlements
    in land that much of the world thinks should become a Palestinian state.
    A near-consensus exists among the governments of the world and among
    media writers that peace has yet to break out in the Middle East because
    of three principle reasons. The first is that the Jews and the Arabs
    have been unable to agree about whether there should be a Palestinian
    state. The second is because Israel has obstinately refused to withdraw
    its troops from (so-called) “occupied Arab” lands. The third is because
    Israel behaves cruelly towards the Palestinians.

    *The Martian could easily carry these beliefs back* to its home planet,
    as long as it did not bother to learn the background and the history of
    the Middle East conflict. Those three reasons cannot survive an
    antibiotic of familiarity with Middle East history.

    President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seem to
    think the idea of Palestinian statehood is the most wonderful idea to
    come along since the Thirteenth Amendment. And almost all world
    politicians, along with the Israeli Left, insist that all Israeli
    settlements must be removed from the West Bank because they serve as the
    main obstacle to peace. The reality is that the Middle East conflict has
    very little to do with debate over Palestinian statehood and even less
    to do with Israeli “settlements.” In fact Israel has agreed in
    principle, somewhat foolishly, to the erection of such a Palestinian
    state, at least subject to some security conditions and other
    concessions from the Palestinians — like recognizing Israel’s right to
    exist. As it turns out, even so-called “moderate” Palestinians reject
    any such idea.

    Meanwhile debate about the Middle East conflict is based on an
    incredible absence of historic information and on a series of stylish
    misconceptions about Middle East history. The anti-Israel Lobby, which
    grows by the day in its maliciousness and anti-Semitism, counts on the
    ignorance of much of the public concerning how the Middle East got to
    where it is.

    Here are just a handful of popular misconceptions and their antidotes:

    *1. Falsehood: Israel was erected on land that belonged to Palestinian

    Truth: Before Israel was created its territory never belonged to
    Palestinian Arabs and had not been ruled by any Arabs at all since the
    Middle Ages. It had been a Turkish province for centuries until it was
    captured by Britain during World War I. The League of Nations awarded
    governance of “Palestine” to Britain at the end of the war in exchange
    for its commitment to turn the area into a Jewish homeland. The lands on
    which Jewish immigrants settled before Israel was created were purchased
    by Jews at above-market prices and in most cases had no Arabs living on
    them. Virtually no Arabs were evicted.

    *2. Falsehood: The Jews came to Palestine as foreigners and aliens,

    whereas the Palestinians were the indigenous people of the territory. *
    Truth: Jews lived in “Palestine,” which is the Land of Israel or “Eretz
    Yisroel,” continuously from the time of the Bible. Most families of
    “Palestinians” migrated into “Palestine,” during the same period as the
    Zionist waves of immigration, starting in the second half of the 19th
    century. The largest ethnic group in the country at the time was the
    Turks. The “Palestinian Arabs” in 1948 were primarily families of
    migrants from Lebanon and Syria. Ironically, they were motivated to
    become “Palestinians” in the first place thanks to the Zionist movement,
    which brought capital and labor into “Palestine” and improved living
    conditions there. Huge numbers of the names of “Palestinian” Arab
    villages and towns are slightly-modified Hebrew names. It is difficult
    to dig in the ground of “Palestine” without uncovering Jewish artifacts,
    some thousands of years old. Meanwhile, two-thirds of Mandatory
    Palestine’s territory had been sliced off in the 1920s and used to set
    up Jordan, an Arab Palestinian state much larger than Israel. The
    remaining territory, Western Palestine, was to become the Jewish
    homeland. That was the original “two-state solution,” the same
    “innovation” now being promoted for the Western third of the remaining
    part of Palestine.

    *3. Falsehood: There is no Palestinian state today because of Israeli
    aggression and obstinacy. *

    Truth: There is no Palestinian state today because of Arab aggression
    and obstinacy. In late 1947, the United Nations approved by a two thirds
    majority a proposal to create in to create in Western “Palestine” two
    states to replace the British Mandatory regime there. One would be
    Jewish and the other a Palestinian Arab state. The Jews agreed. The
    Arabs rejected the idea. The Arab states launched an attack of genocidal
    aggression against the Jews, invaded “Palestine” and gobbled up the
    lands earmarked for the Arab Palestinian state. Most of those lands were
    then held illegally by Jordan and semi-legally by Egypt until 1967 when
    they were liberated by Israel in the Six Day War. The Arab world has
    maintained a state of war with Israel since 1948, refusing to recognize
    its legitimacy, and attacking Israel over and over in a series of wars
    and terrorism campaigns. The Arab states attacked Israel in 1948, 1956,
    1967, 1973, 1982, 2006, and sponsored terrorist atrocities against Jews
    in Israel since it was created. The reason for the attack which produced
    the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948 is exactly the same thing that stands
    in the way of any real peace settlement today.

    *4. Falsehood: Israel conducted “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinian
    Arabs in 1948-49. *

    Truth: The Arab states conducted ethnic cleansing of Jews after 1948.
    About a million Jews were expelled by Arab states, their property
    stolen, and most then became citizens of Israel. Palestinian Arabs
    became refugees in 1948-49 as a direct result of the Arab war of
    aggression against Israel, in which the Palestinians participated. The
    estimated number of such Arab refugees varies between 400,000 and
    750,000, with the former the more likely correct estimate. Afterwards,
    many were quietly allowed to return to Israel. Hundreds of thousands of
    Arabs from other Arab countries then declared themselves “Palestinian
    refugees” in order to get handouts from the UN and other international
    relief organizations. The actual Palestinian Arabs became refugees for
    the same reason that ethnic Germans living in Eastern Europe became
    refugees after World War II: because they were on the losing side of the
    war of aggression launched by their own political leaders.

    *5. Falsehood: Israel is an apartheid regime and mistreats Arabs. *

    Truth: Israel is the only Middle East country that is NOT an apartheid
    regime. Arabs living under Israeli rule are the only Arabs in the Middle
    East who enjoy freedom of speech and of the press, free access to courts
    operating with due process, legal protection for property rights and the
    right to vote. Israeli Arabs have higher standards of education and
    health than any other group of Arabs in the Middle East. Israeli Arabs
    are quite simply the best-treated political minority in the Middle East
    and are in some ways better treated than are minority groups in many
    European countries. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that
    does NOT deal with Islamist terror through wholesale massacres of the
    people in whose midst the terrorists operate

    No Palestinians before 1967 demanded any “homeland,” although they did
    demand that the Jews be stripped of */theirs/*. That is because
    Palestinians are not a “people” at all and do not consider themselves
    such, any more than do the Arabs of Paris or of Detroit. Palestinians
    never had any real interest in their own state, and in fact rioted
    violently in 1920 when “Palestine” was detached from Syria by the
    European powers. Indeed the original term “Nakba” (“catastrophe” in
    Arabic and in leftist NewSpeak) was coined to refer to the outrage of
    Palestinians separated from their Syrian homeland. Immediately after the
    Six Day War a sudden need for a Palestinian state was fabricated by the
    Arab world, as a gimmick to force Israel back to its pre-1967 borders.
    Israel would then again be ten-miles wide at its narrowest, and so
    prepped for the new Arab assault of annihilation and genocide.

    The Arab world invented the “Palestinian people” so that it would serve
    the same role as the Sudeten Germans did in the late 1930s. That role
    was to provide a pretense of legitimacy for the war aims and aggression
    of a large fascist power. The term “self-determination” has been
    repeated as a rhetorical “inalienable right” for so long that few people
    recall that pursuing “self-determination” can also serve as a tool of
    aggression by barbarous aggressors and totalitarian powers. When Hitler
    decided to go on a war of conquest in the late 1930s, he dressed up his
    intentions in the cloak of legitimacy, merely “helping disenfranchised
    and oppressed people attain self-determination.” He distorted the plight
    of ethnic Germans living in the Czech Sudetenland and elsewhere in
    Eastern Europe, inventing tales of mistreatment. In reality of course
    these ethnic Germans already had the option of “self-determination”
    within the neighboring, sovereign German nation-states, and in fact
    enjoyed far more freedom and rights than did Germans inside Germany.
    Germany’s invasion of Czechoslovakia was prepared through postured
    indignity over the mistreatment of Germans by Germany’s neighbors.
    Hitler insisted he was simply seeking to relieve the “misery of
    mistreated ethnic Germans,” supposedly suffering inside democratic
    Czechoslovakia. “Self-determination” was also the pretense when Germany
    attacked Poland and other countries.

    The Arab world decided that the “Palestinians” must play the role of
    Sudetens, serving as the political and moral pretense for Arab
    aggression and Islamofascist imperialism. The Arab fascists then
    misrepresent themselves as pursuing noble efforts at protecting a
    mistreated oppressed minority group of Arabs in need of

    *8. Falsehood: Palestinian terrorism has been a response to Israeli
    occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and as a response to Israeli
    settlements there*.

    Truth: Palestinian terrorism against Jews began in the 1920s, escalated
    in the 1930s, continued non-stop in the 1940s even in the midst of World
    War II, and reached heights of barbarism in the 1950s. All this was long
    before Israel “occupied” anything. The PLO was set up long before the
    Six Day War, meaning before Israel “occupied” the West Bank and Gaza,
    and before those areas held a single Israeli settlement.

    *9. Falsehood: Israel has no right to build settlements in the West Bank. *

    Truth: Israel has as much right to build settlements in the West Bank as
    France has to build towns in Alsace and Lorraine, or as Poland has to
    build in areas that once held ethnic Germans. The Arabs launched a
    series of wars of aggression against Israel and lost. Aggressors who
    lose a war also lose territory. The bulk of Jewish “settlers” are
    actually Israelis living in the suburbs of Jerusalem that were
    constructed after 1967. A handful of small rural “settlements” have been
    constructed in empty West Bank lands from which no Arab civilians were
    evicted. In any real peace settlement, Jews would have as much right to
    live in the West Bank as Arabs have to live inside Israel. A peace
    accord that rules out such an arrangement would be no peace accord at all.

    *11. Falsehood: Israel deals with Palestinian violence and terrorism
    using excessive disproportionate force. *

    Truth: The number of */innocent/* Palestinian civilians
    */intentionally/* killed by Israel is exactly zero. The number of
    civilians injured in Israeli anti-terror operations is tiny when
    compared with NATO and Allied military operations in Serbia, Bosnia,
    Afghanistan, or Iraq. Given the near universal support among
    Palestinians for terrorist atrocities against Jews, the self-restraint
    and moderation used by Israel in dealing with the threat has no
    precedent in the world. Israel’s own Arabs make little attempt to hide
    their open identification with the genocidal enemies of their own
    country and they by and large support the annihilation of the state in
    which they hold citizenship. No other democratic country facing such
    open sedition and identification with the enemy in time of war ever
    responded with anywhere near the same restraint as shown by Israel. In
    World War II, when faced with a far less-dangerous problem, the United
    States locked up its ethnic-Japanese domestic population in internment
    camps. Democratic Spain set up teams of death squads to deal with /its/
    separatist terrorists. Democracies in war have junked /habeas corpus/
    and treated their internal Fifth Columns as the enemy, with no
    hesitation or squeamishness.

    *12. Falsehood: Israel can achieve peace by trading “Land for Peace” and
    by relinquishing territories that it “occupies.” *

    Truth: Every time Israel relinquishes territory it “occupies” it
    triggers an escalation of terror and violence by Arabs against Jews. The
    main cause of anti-Israel terrorism today is the */removal/* of Israeli
    occupation from Arabs. This is so obvious that it is a major
    intellectual challenge to explain why so few people understand it.
    Israel ended its occupation of the Gaza Strip in its entirety in 2004
    and evicted all Jews who had been living there. The complete Israeli
    withdrawal from the Gaza Strip produced a barrage of thousands of
    rockets aimed at Israeli civilians inside Israel (/NOT/ in the “occupied
    territories”), a barrage that eventually forced Israel’s reluctant
    leaders to carry out the “Cast Lead” operation against Gaza terrorism.
    The Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon was unilaterally ended in the
    year 2000 by then-Israeli socialist Prime Minister Ehud Barak. The
    direct result of that fiasco was the launching of 4,000 Katyusha rockets
    from Lebanon against northern Israel in the summer of 2006, and several
    times that number now poised to strike Israel. The worst waves of
    Palestinian suicide attacks were directly triggered by the early Oslo
    withdrawals ? before which there had been no suicide bombings. There can
    be no doubt that a complete Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and a
    return to pre-1967 borders would trigger a massive rocket and terror
    assault against the remaining areas of Israel, launched from the
    “liberated” lands in the West Bank. The same thing would result from
    Israel relinquishing the Golan Heights to Syria.

    14. Falsehood: The Middle East conflict can be resolved through “Two
    States for Two Peoples.”*

    Truth: The “Two States for Two Peoples” idea is not a solution at all
    but simply a strategy for weakening Israel and forcing it behind
    indefensible borders. Right after “Two States for Two Peoples” would be
    implemented, the new “Palestinian state” would invite the rest of the
    Arab world to finish off what remains of Israel. Even the “moderates”
    within the PLO insist that any “Israel” left standing within “Two States
    for Two Peoples” must be flooded by Arab migrants and stripped of its
    Jewish majority, in effect converted to yet another Arab Palestinian

    The result of all this is pseudo-history, where people invent new
    “theories” about some of the most widely-accepted truths of history. No
    subject has been subject to quite so much pseudo-historic revisionism
    and denial of “out-of date” truths as the Middle East. George Orwell
    once said that the first duty of intelligent men is to restate the
    obvious. Obvious truths need to be restated because they are under
    assault by so many dishonest men.

    The Palestinians have no legitimate claim to a right to set up their own
    state, and creation of such a state would result in escalated warfare
    and bloodshed, not peace. There was never in history an Arab Palestinian
    state. Even if such a right ever existed, the Palestinians ? like the
    Sudeten Germans – would have forfeited it thanks to decades of
    terrorism, savagery, mass murders and barbarism. Their pacification
    today requires reimposing of martial rule by Israel and a thorough
    program of Denazification.

    The promotion of a “Two States for Two Peoples” solution has radicalized
    and Nazified most Israeli Arabs, who now identify with and openly
    support Arab parties and politicians openly calling for violence against
    Jews and for the destruction of Israel. The “solution” is a recipe for
    more bloodshed and strife.

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