Posted by: r.m. | March 20, 2009

we remember.

Two major milestones this week…

On one hand, in the glorious South (actually, more ‘West’ from where I am now), there is victory. Let us remember: ““Ten years ago, before Hugo Chávez took office in Venezuela, Cuba’s was the only leftist government in the Americas. Now the left is dominant, even hegemonic, in Latin America, and hopefully the few conservative dominos will fall as well.”

Here, in the resilient Mashreq, there is another date we remember. Six years ago, yesterday, the US invaded Iraq. A million Iraqis have died in the past six years — due directly to the US occupation; and, according to the United Nations another 4.2 million have been displaced.  And in Palestine, every week marks another Nakba – more thefts of lands, more murders of Palestinians, and the Israelis continue to ask for more.

So, where to get the hope?

We get hope from any struggle for liberty, for dignity, for civil and human rights.  We are connected in our struggles, and connected in our victories.

El Salvador has succeeded in doing what was unimaginable ten years ago.  And it is not alone.

And, here, in the resilient Mashreq …  Palestinians are living, amidst all the horrors that the Israelis (army and society) are inflicting upon them. Living is resistance.  Singing is resistance.  Dancing. Writing. and Fighting.

A friend told me recently that she is thrilled to be living now; she can die now and feel comfortable, knowing, she said, that we are on the correct path.  She told me, liberty is coming, it is around the corner.  It is not a question of “if” Palestine – and Iraq – will be liberated, only a question of when.

but it starts with remembering. recognizing. refusing to forget.

refusing to forget.

and then allowing ourselves to believe in our ability to construct change, to shake off the chains.

it is possible.



  1. it hurts alot when one know that he’s living free while others can’t feel it. hope that liberty will come to palastenians and refusing to forget and creating freedom is the best way to construct change

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