Posted by: r.m. | March 22, 2009

Nina Simone and Palestine

I have been listening to Nina Simone these past few days. Really listening. Actually, Nina Simone demands that one listen; she cannot be mere background music.

Two songs of hers particularly reminded me of Palestine. She sang and I thought of Haifa and Jaffa and Gaza and Ramallah. Those of you who haven’t heard her, go get her music and listen.

In Mississippi Goddamn, she sang:

Hound dogs on my trail
School children sitting in jail
Black cat cross my path
I think every day’s gonna be my last

Lord have mercy on this land of mine
We all gonna get it in due time

Don’t tell me
I tell you
Me and my people just about due
I’ve been there so I know
They keep on saying “Go slow!”

But that’s just the trouble
“do it slow”

[…]You don’t have to live next to me
Just give me my equality


Listen to the song in full. Listen to her voice.

In, I hold no grudge, she sang

I hold no grudge
Theres no resentment undneath
Ill extend the laurel wreath and well be friends
But right there is where it ends

I hold no grudge
And Ill forgive you your mistake
But forgive me if I take it all to heart
And make sure that it doesnt start again

Yes Im the kind of people
You can step on for a little while
But when I call it quits
Baby thats it
Im the kind of people
You can hurt once in a while
But crawling just aint my style

I hold no grudge
Deep inside me theres no regrets
But a gal whos been forgotten may forgive
But never once forget

And the way that Nina sings it... ah

For more on this magnificent, strong, committed musician, check her out here

The struggle in Palestine is a struggle for human rights, for civil rights. One of many around the world….



  1. ahhhh so beautiful. i love nina simone. i love falasteen. and i love you. now having all three in one place would be heaven…

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