Posted by: r.m. | April 3, 2009

remember him?

Remember that Utah student? The one who obstructed several oil and gas leases in Utah. Weeks later, new Interior Secretary Ken Salazar rescinded 77 of the leases, saying they were too close to national parks and never should have gone up for sale under the Bush administration.

“A grand jury [has] charged [the student] DeChristopher with one count of interfering with a federal auction and one count of making false representations at an auction.”

His response?

“This auction was a fraud against the American people and a threat to our future,” DeChristopher said. “My motivation to act came against the exploitation of public lands, the lack of a transparent and participatory government and the imminent danger of climate change.”


Multiply! Let such beautiful – and creative – acts of civil disobedience multiply!



  1. Poor student, the only problem is that governments do not care, nor have cared for the environment. Little do they know that the greatest national and worldwide threat is global warming and climate change, and i think that by the time they realize that, it would be too late. So its up to us to fight for the environment to protect it since its only hope is within our hands. Protect the environment so we can ensure the survival of future generations.

  2. Peter, why do you feel pity for this student? He has succeeded in saving large portions of land from exploitation. He has succeeded in getting attention across the US for something he believes in – and, if you read the article you would know that most likely he won’t even be going to jail. This is a story of success, and not pity.

    And millions of people around the world do know of the threats of climate change. The question is: how do we use this knowledge? Do we organize within our communities to build our (non-military) defenses and resilience so we can better deal with the changes? Do we lobby our governments to adopt better policies?


  3. Everyone knows that smoking could lead to cancer, but very few would stop smoking. the same thing is with climate change. What is the use if millions of people know about the threat of climate change but do not do anything about it. In my opinion the first step that we should do is Public awareness (in which they include scenarios about future Earth if pollution persists in which they would have a serious affect on the viewer) which targets everyone in all groups of people. If the people stop polluting, then the governments would stop too, in the end governments are the people.

  4. Hello Dr. Rania

    I will have to disagree with Peter concerning the meaning of the action taken by the Utah student. In the US, a small but meaningful act like this one will have huge impacts.
    Concerning smoking, if u take a look at the global change in smoking habits, u will find a huge progress. I am now in France, and i can give u an example: here smoking is forbidden indoors by law. Now, very few people go outside to smoke, which shows the compliance with the relatively new legislation.

    Also on atmospheric pollution, more restrictions are being enforced on emissions, and attention given to adaptation against the impacts of global warming in France.

    Good luck to us all in this “battle”…

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