Posted by: r.m. | April 6, 2009

we love our sea? ah, with love like this…

Mediterranean pollution remains largely ignored
Lebanon among biggest polluters



  1. If we check the Lebanese hot spots for water pollution we find an equally distant, along the coast (about 220km), point sources: Tripoli’s untreated sewage dumps + Selaata chemical fertilizer plant + Birj Hammoud solid waste dump… All untreated and uncontrolled, leaving fisherman to wonder why the fish is rare.
    Add to that the destruction of marine habitats, specially shallow waters (reproduction ground), by coastal over development.
    The end result is Lebanon being between the biggest polluters, when the country is desperately in need for environmental activities for a direct benefit through fisheries and indirectly through Eco-tourism projects…

    We need the Green and Blue Lebanon…
    “without the political meaning of the colors”

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