Posted by: r.m. | April 7, 2009

can you translate?

Is this a case of translation-via-the-internet, or a case of really creative marketing?

This small, seemingly innocent, menu in Arabic, and, allegedly, English was being distributed hand to hand and amidst loud laughter in Cafe Younes. When it came to me, well, I simply had to share it with you all. So, those of you who speak Arabic, can you tell me what is the Arabic version of these dishes? I have written the following exactly as it is listed in the menu.

– water great

– adobe

– orchis

– “Kuobatshenuo”

– dish flesh

– fish hot

– black chickens

– greenness

– paper grape

– Kabsah flesh

– urination

– group paper grape

– kiosk

– box chick

– chick and fleshy

– greenness and adobe

(the source? Pastries and Snack Taboush. Ras Beirut. Telephone: 01 786837)



  1. This is a fun puzzle; I’ll attempt to figure out a few:

    -Great Water: a big bottle of water

    -adobe: probably labneh or even shanklish

    – orchis: sa7lab?

    – “Kuobatshenuo”” ??????

    – dish flesh: sa7en la7me (plate of meat)

    – black chickens: sawdet djej

    – greenness: khudra (greens, lol)

    – paper grape: wara’ 3enab (stuffed grapeleaves)

    – Kabsah flesh: kabset la7me

    – urination: could it be tabbouleh? haaa

    – group paper grape: a bigger plate of grape leaves

    – kiosk: keshek

    – box chick: chick could be chicken or they may be refering to chick peas

    – chick and fleshy: hummos bi la7me

    – greenness and adobe: labne with khudra

  2. you beat me to it! i loved the urination one, tabbouleh, lol….

  3. Kuobatshenuo: its just cuppacino!!!! loooool (in arabic)

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