Posted by: r.m. | April 8, 2009

chimps selling sex?

more evidence of similarities between humans and chimps?

Female chimpanzees living in the wild have been found to engage in a form of prostitution by offering sex in exchange for meat from male chimps.”



  1. What’s compelling here is that humans used to engage in the same type of activity with the best hunters having the most sexual partners. Could this mean that given enough time, chimps can take on a number of other human activities? hopefully, they wont get to the part where rape and murder is included.
    what I didnt understand however, is how could this study affect studies of men and women?

  2. I think that Mohamad understood this the other way round. It’s not that chimps are learning from us, it’s that we have inherited certain habits from chimps, which is a sign of evolution.
    More Social similarities between chimps and humans are yet to be found in my opinion. Another interesting fact is that chimps actually start wars against other chimp “tribes” at night and they kill them with pebbles and twigs.
    We can see the importance of ecology and of learning about animal behaviors (chimps, ants… ) in order to explain the origins of our behaviors.

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