Posted by: r.m. | April 8, 2009

pictures. imaginings.

I need some good news.  I need some light to start this morning, to start this day.  So I shall not talk about the many myriad of environmental or economic or political issues that are in the papers (or about the absolute garbage spewed by Christopher Hitchens in Vanity Fair. ugh. If anyone wants an example of a pathetic, incorrect, fantasy-like writing that tries to present itself as journalism, check it out. ugh and ugh again. … actually, the article reveals – quite plainly – Hitchens’ deep seated arrogance, a white man’s arrogance, an arrogance so deep that it justifies ignorance and justifies patronizing, colonialistic approaches, such as defacing a public sign in a country not his own. Such typical ‘ugly american’ behavior.  He has learned much, it seems. I never liked the fool – not even when he was loved by the left in the US. I met him then, during the sanctions and asked him to go to Iraq and he said only if I can arrange a meeting with Saddam Hussein. I said, in that case I withdraw the offer since my request was for him to write about the other 22 million people and not the one man)

but, anyway, I want to talk about something beautiful.

I found this book yesterday on while ordering a few books for a student.  Walks in Palestine: Illustrated by Fifteen Photogravures from Photographs Taken by Cecil V. Shadbolt” — written in 1894! How wonderful!  I look forward to that read – and to those imaginings, those rememberings of a past.

… and building a future.



  1. Well Rania, I started my morning by reading this article. The author asked for the trouble, he sought out an incident to write about, and his aggressor did him this valuable favor! Christopher Hitchens has very simpy defaced the truth in our country, he was telling his readers one-version facts. He pretended being able to clearly classify things (political issues, leaders, parties, etc.) in Lebanon into white and black, good and bad, civilized and not, by simply observing commemorative events. The author was not objective at all, his approach is arrogant. I was just wondering how come the truth is that clear for him…!

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