Posted by: r.m. | April 22, 2009

Earth Day?

Today is Earth Day.  And here’s how one writer feels about this day being called ‘earth’ day; he says “On Earth Day, Forget About the Planet — We’re the Ones Who Are Screwed.” hmm…A good read.

here’s a bit on the history of Earth Day



  1. Affection for our planet is misdirected and unrequited. We need to focus on saving ourselves. It’s time to dump Earth Day…
    Very deep and could be analyzed from different corners as Joseph Romm used mockery as a style to highlight details that would determine the fact that by saving earth we are truly saving ourselves and if we really care about ourselves we must automatically care about earth/environment…
    The style used is very effective as it is not boring or straight forward but it tickles the mind and drives you to read further.
    The second half of the article is more elaborated and prioritizes instead of generalizing … I trust we must focus on the practices that we know are having a negative impact on the future of mankind? Why waste time on other secondary wrong practices that are not making a major impact… If we fix the majorities, than all other minor issues can be handled easily

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