Posted by: r.m. | April 28, 2009

publicity in Al-Akhbar

Yesterday there was an article in the ‘youth’ page in Al-Akhbar entitled ‘Green Resistance in the Balamand‘ as part of the coverage given to reading.

Overall, not a bad article, and my thanks to the writer for contacting me on the topic. 🙂 A few clarification/picky points: (1) I am not a lecturer at the university; I’m an assistant professor; (2) Students are not obliged to read the articles on politics, but only get extra credit if they read and comment on articles within their course topic. So, for example, ecology students read articles in the ecology category, and economics students read articles in the economics category. None of the students receive extra credit for reading and commenting on the political or personal pieces, although they are welcome to read and comment. (3) My name is not spelled with an ‘alef’ but with a ‘ta marbouta’


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