Posted by: r.m. | May 5, 2009

pigs in Egypt

so, what do you do if you have:

* a very large group of “working poor”

* a relatively small number of pigs, none of which have been found to have the swine flue

* a large country with no recorded swine flu cases


Of course: you call for the slaughter of all the hundreds of thousands of pigs and then you compensate only the seller and not the producer whose investments have just been lost?


As AngryArab stated, Apparently, the 300,000 pigs that the Egyptian government wants to kill are guilty not of the swine flu but they are guilty of not supporting Mubarak in the last election.



  1. Dear Rania,
    the only explanantion that we may think about, is that the goverment would like to offer, to show, to prove, an “act gift” for the extremists of the country. Everybody knows who eats pig meat, who are the pigs’ farmers. Everybody admits that it is absolutely useless and wasteful to kill such a number of pigs safe and healthy. It is a veiled message to the extremists, regardless who is going to pay the receipt. They don’t care. It’s a pity!!

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