Posted by: r.m. | May 8, 2009

are you eating mercury?

Mercury in ocean will rise by 50 percent as emissions from coal-fired power plants increase, study says. U.S. scientists document for first time how mercury from industry gets into seafood.

(ah, yes, what was it that Obama said: clean coal?)



  1. Cows, Birds, Pigs and now we started to hear about Fish and sea food… Who to blame is not the question… Can we stop or decrease the mercury levels so at least we would save the marine life from our continuous negative impact on the nature and environment? And would the decrease in mercury levels truly save the marine life?
    Certainly NOT!!! We cannot stop or decrease as the cause is related to major players in the world that would never allow anything to impact their income and the business they drive even if it will one day cause a massacre. And even if we succeeded to do decrease the mercury levels, endless other reasons will pollute the marine life similar to what humans have done to the rest of the globe…
    After reading this article, the only comment I would have is that humans are the most savage creature on earth and through their practices alone an end of not only humans will soon be witnessed but also of every living creature on the globe.

  2. I agree with Samara, the primary polluters are the leading goverments in the world, and they would not prefer the environment over their income. If marine life is getting more polluted to an extent that eating fish would become poisonous because of the mercury in them, than we have a big problem on our hands since a lot of communities feed on marine food espescially islands. Today nothing is healthy in order to eat, even if we don’t eat, we would still get affected by the air we breath.

  3. This is the biggest problem that we will face later. the release of methyl-mercury (the most bio-accumulating form of mercury) in these amounts will lead to the globalisation of Chisso-Minamata disease (

    There are many factors that actually makes the problem worse, the most important one of which is actually the prevailing idea that the ocean is so big that cannot be polluted enough. If we combine this to the fact that most humans rely on sea-food as a primary and safest source of nutrition…We are looking at a “Global Minamata Syndrome”

  4. I disagree
    “humans are the most savage creatures” how dramatic is that!
    The whole study is based on the fact that we will still be using coal-fired power plants 50 years from now which is absurd!
    It’s useless to talk about “well lets switch to another energy source” because this would never be our choice!
    Let’s be logical here: when the damn thing runs out, and it will:

    only then would big companies, governments and the such would think about alternative energy sources! It’s really that simple.
    Again, we can’t really do anything now. So lets just stop the drama queen and pessimistic views because it won’t change anything. Thinking logically might…

  5. the increase rate of mercury in our oceans,mostly due to emission of coal-fired power plants,is not only polluting our seas but also directly affecting for the ones who don’t care about polluting our waters,just think first of solving the mercury issue because it’s primarly poisoning us as consumers of sea food!..limitting our seafood diet is not the answer,because the problem is NOT in eating fishes like tuna or sharks,but it lies basically in the level of mercury in the water,that is affecting our health by eating the fishes..i agree with samara in the fact that it’s not the only reason why we are poisoned by the sea food,because causes are countless for sea pollution,but we’re discussing here how can we limit the mercure rate in the oceans.
    so,what can we do is to decrease by far the burning of coil,especially in our region..further studies should be made to be well aware of this issue..

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