Posted by: r.m. | May 8, 2009

attention: BIOL 208

Attention BIOL 208 Ecology Lab: Our second field trip is May 16 (Saturday): 8 am until 1 pm.

We will be going to the Farid and Daad Karam reserve, a 15 minute drive from the university. Please bring with you food and water, and a notebook. You can bring a friend — *but* you have to let me know before so that I can be sure we have enough room.

Pay attention to your Lab assignment deadlines:

•    By noon on Thursday April 30, email me the names of your team members. (2-3 per team).
•    By 8 am on Tuesday May 19, email me the final report.  Only one report per team. No late papers accepted.
•    By 8 am on Tuesday May 19, email me your individual evaluation of the work you did and the work your other team members did. One evaluation per person.  This evaluation must not be emailed with the report, but rather emailed separately and individually. I will treat this evaluation as a confidential statement.


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