Posted by: r.m. | May 8, 2009

like finding polar bears in Kansas?

Basking sharks do are the ocean’s second largest fish, and live in temperate waters from late spring until early fall. But then they disappear, and until now scientists have only been able to guess where they go–now they know…



  1. Another suitable title for the article would be: Why basking sharks migrate south during the winter? Since it’s the major topic discussed. Suggestions were that they either hibernate at very low depths or either migrate south searching for a cooler or warmer weather. Experiments supported the second hypothesis, but now another question arises. Why those sharks migrate? Is it for food? Or for reproduction? Till now this question couldn’t be answered, but most probably these sharks migrate for reproduction, since no baby basking shark or even a pregnant basking shark has been ever detected or seen. Generally few living organisms tolerate low temperatures; in response to cold weather even we humans migrate to other cooler and warmer countries but here the case is different. Why would basking sharks travel all that distance, consuming lots of time and energy, while they could just hibernate at low depths during cold winter? if the tropical regions constitute a better place for nursery and for reproduction, and if all the primary conditions are found there why wouldn’t the sharks always live there?

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