Posted by: r.m. | May 8, 2009

‘the original one’ is threatened

In Biblical legend, it grew in the Garden of Eden. In reality, it grew wild in Kazakhstan. And now the world’s original apple tree, the progenitor of all our modern apple varieties, is threatened with extinction.



  1. The original one is threatened … Plenty of other kinds of apple trees are still available… But still the entire world should worry and invest in maintaining the 50 kinds of threatened trees!!!
    Do we know that an entire population of Palestinians is threatened??? And the plan is not only to deprive them from their identity but also from their existence???
    Do we know that the Jews of the entire world will not fit in the existing geographical boundaries named by the United Nations “Israel”?? And that they will continue the killing until they destroy the history of this part of the world and anything or anyone that would remind the world of it???
    You tell me Apples are threatened??? Sorry, but I care less!!! Men, Women and children are threatened every day and are fighting for their existence and what do we do? We accuse them of being terrorists?
    I do not want to sound like an anti-environment individual, in the contrary I support every major environmental practice but again let’s admit that having threatened trees should not be an important concern to all major nations while the threat of losing an entire population is never a concern in the contrary they are concerned how to help Israel accomplish the mission the fastest possible.

  2. If we are going to run out of anything i do not think it would be something we consumed! I mean come on its like saying we will run out of chicken! As long as there is KFC that would never happen!

    And who cares if its a specific kind of apples? It’s an apple w 5alas… eat it and make jam or whatever! It doesn’t have to be that specific kind of apples that only lives in the ancient forests of Central Asia.

    As for samara’s comment: I don’t think this is the politics section. Could be mistaken though… maybe saying stuff like that would get me extra credit….

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