Posted by: r.m. | May 11, 2009

Brazil’s other forest

“THE ongoing degradation of the Amazon rainforest has obscured the plight of its smaller sibling: the Atlantic forest in Brazil, which is a biodiversity hotspot. Once covering about 1.5 million square kilometres, the rainforest has been reduced to about one-tenth of its original area in the past 500 years, a new study has shown.


  1. It is obvious that as long as human poplutaion will increase, forests will decrease to fit more of us Sadly the only option we have is to limit our human population growth, since the damage is already done. And even though forests play an important role in our lives, but as long as the changes happening to the enviroment aren’t affecting our daily lives in a more obvious way that the common man can notice, than no real measurement will be taken untill it will be too late.

  2. it’s a shame to knw that in the past century,our hands destroyed 90% of one of the most rich forests in the Amazon,with its large diversity in species of animals and purpose they should start working on is to declare this forest as a natural reserve and protect it from the intruders who could jeopordize the existence of the endangered species(the golden lion tamarin..).
    reconnecting the fragments is a very good way to restore the forest to á good shape.however nothing can be done to bring back the forests 500 years backwards,what remain for us to do is to do the best we can to preserve what’s left of it!

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