Posted by: r.m. | May 11, 2009

Not just the wolves, now the polar bears

Obama is continuing in Bush’s footsteps.  Obama has continued killing innocent people in Afghanistan and has actually increased the number of US occupying troops in Afghanistan.  Obama has maintained Bush’s support for the Zionist and Apartheid state of Israel – and possibly may even increase the support, if it were possible.  (Example: even amidst the US economic crisis, Obama refuses to decrease any US aid to Israel.) Economically, he is maintaining the same bad-for-the-poor-and-middle-class system that ran before him.

And environmentally? Is he the good green president so many of you had thought he would be? Well, support for ‘clean coal,’ support for environmentally destructive corn-biofuel, removal of wolves from the endangered species list, and now “uphold[ing] a Bush-era ruling that limits protection of the polar bear.”

As reported by the Guardian today:

The Obama administration today declined to protect polar bears from the single greatest threat to their survival – the melting of sea ice by global warming. The decision brought immediate protests from wildlife and environmental groups.

The interior secretary, Ken Salazar, said he would not overturn one of the most controversial last-minute rules of the George Bush era. The rule had denied protection to the polar bear because Bush did not want to be pressed into regulating the industries that emit greenhouse gases.


  1. Removal of wolves… Declining to protect polar bears??? What do you expect from a nation leader who inherited nothing but murder, massacres and manipulation of truth… What are we talking about and why??? Most probably they would care more about polar bears and the wild life than human lives… Or at least this is what I thought…
    After reading the article I came to know that they wouldn’t care about any living creature… All what they care about is how to rule the world by invading all its resources disregard if this is on the account of killing and humiliating mankind. Are we really surprised?? President Obama did not care about hundreds of people who have been massacred in Gaza using illegal weapons provided by his country to the murderers who invaded Palestine and he continues to back them up. His own army are raping, killing and humiliating thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan and this continues…
    Are you still surprised from any action Obama would take in regards with the environment practices??? At least I was not surprised and to be more transparent, I do not care as I trust that such a nation will make no positive difference in the world… not for us or for any living thing that wants to live with dignity, peace and freedom…

  2. Obama’s success in the US election had made great premises of a radical change in the US action regarding several issues and mostly the environmental one. Unfortunately, nothing changed; on the contrary things became now more ominous. Limiting protection of the polar bear from global warming during Bush era was an imprudent act showing a lack of knowledge regarding one of the most threatening issues for the entire planet. Removing protection to the polar bear just not to be pressed into regulating the industries that emit greenhouse gases is one of the reckless decision could any wise person make because instead of limiting the major factor leading to the climate change, he is agreeing on destroying our planet. The only justification for such act is greediness. And the worst is no change had been made with the arrival of Obama, on the contrary he’s continuing Bush strategy. Salazar states the need for “a comprehensive energy and climate change strategy that curbs climate change and its impact”. Well I guess the first thing to do it in the strategy is enforcing a law that limit the emission of greenhouse gas from industries and protecting animal species from extinction due to their loss of habitat and not the opposite way. Furthermore, using renewable energy instead of burning fossil fuels is another point to apply in the strategy. Obama’s responsibility is to correct all the previous mistakes made, not to add extra one. So the question now became whether or not he’ll succeed in doing so.

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