Posted by: r.m. | May 20, 2009

Ida and family

Hmm… While we in Lebanon cannot agree on a shared historical narrative, while we are still (silently) struggling to come to terms with ‘who we are,’ Ida has been found — to tell us all that we’re one “great big family.” So, in a much larger sense than what Ziad Rahbani meant in ‘She Fashel,’ ‘Kilna ekhwee’ 😉

Ida is one of the most immaculately preserved primate fossils ever found and, at 47 million years old, she comes from a key moment in our evolutionary history. This beautiful little creature is going to show us our connection with the rest of the mammals: with cows and sheep, and elephants and anteaters. According to one of the scientists who has studied her, she is a “Rosetta stone” for ­understanding our early evolution.

Check out this beautiful essay by Colin Tudge



  1. well, remember what he said at the end to the firqa – walak killkon ikhwe ya ikhwat il manyoo(..)! 😛

  2. As much as I wanted to believe that Ida is really a missing link, after reading Chris Beard’s article, I’m confused!

  3. although scientist prove that human are the result of evolution i do not think that when saint t Francis spoke of the other animals and plants as his brothers and sister he meant it in this way because according to Christianity god created us on his image

  4. I think that at this stage of human existence, when people are struggling to survive, and looking for explanations for their existence, this type of discoveries is very important to aid them.
    Plus, “kelna ekhwe” means we should treat animals as “ekhwe” not as lesser beings that were “created” to feed us!

  5. Rachelle:
    As much as I respect any religious belief I do not see how you can be a university student and still believe that evolution is not true.
    “god created us on his image” is a statement best kept for cs2 class discussions.

  6. Humans and Lemurs linked into one big family….Lemurs? as in the singing, dancing and fuzzy creatures from Madagascar? had we not evolved so significantly, would we today resemble these creatures much more than we do now? ( if we do now at all).
    The thought of Ida being so well preserved for a staggering 47million years is absolutely astonishing. Unfortunately, the lesson Ida brings to us, as mentioned, that we should treat all other creatures as family and therefore we weould be more considerate while dealing with them seems to be unrealistic to me. In a time when enormous family fueds erupt over money, marriage etc and direct (one link) relatives detest each other, it is clearly improbable that humans might care more for their “slightly” distant relatives.

  7. lech ma b2awwis haleh w berteh ana!!!???!! chou loosers!

  8. With all due respect to everyone here, and especially Dr. Rania; Rachelle I am guessing you are a Biology student, these statements don’t belong in scientific minds, the University offers a great theology program if you would prefer that.
    I think that “scientific,molecular and genetic prooves that us “scientists” acknowledge are far from doubt and are more that enough to prove the “fact of evolution”.

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