Posted by: r.m. | May 27, 2009

The rich, truly rich, old days

We didn’t know what we had.  So we didn’t realize all that we have lost. And, when dealing with planning recovery estimates for the world’s oceans’ biodiversity, scientists are discovering that their estimates were/are too low

Southern right whales used to be so common in New Zealand that people complained about the noise when the animals came near shore to give birth. The United Kingdom once teemed with large pods of blue whales, orcas, sharks and dolphins. And the East Coast of the United States supported at least a million metric tons of cod in the 1850s, 10 times more than today’s levels.

For the first time, scientists are piecing together a picture of how marine life has changed over the past few hundred years, and their newest results are surpassing even the experts’ imaginations.

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  1. I had no idea that our species have impacted to that extent!

    And the idea that initial estimates are much less than reality makes me wonder about all the other estimates scientists have made so far regarding other environmental issues/endangered species actual remaining numbers.

  2. I think that our children will see our days the same way if no steps are taken to avoid extinction and decrease in species populations… Didn’t know what we had till it was gone.. huh?!

  3. “recovery efforts aiming too low”? I didnt even know there were any effective recovery implementations. so that has to be a positive side to this story. Unfortunately, our actions conducted to suffice our need to feed spurred the potential of profit making which led to over exploiting the planet’s resources. by exterminating one species, we may have affected dozens of others, some of which may be unknown to us, since species are interconnected in the food web. Therefore, it would be important to preserve all what we do know of and in the course we can save what we still have (whether we know about it or will get to know it later on).

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