Posted by: r.m. | May 28, 2009

how are we different from apes?

“We are the cooking apes…”


  1. This the most interesting thing that I ever heard about evolution.
    I love the idea that easily digested foods free up more energy for our brains.
    We learned in nutrition class that food is a “social facilitator” and this article gives a whole new meaning to that phrase.
    The only sad thing about this discovery is that the event that made us human, made females “vulnerable to male authority”. 😦

  2. Sorry but I forgot to type my name before submitting the comment above.

  3. The cooking apes sounds like a nice alternate name to humans 🙂 and interestingly, the cooking hypothesis sounds plausible. However, describing our evolution as being sparked by the discovery of the flame, which gave us an advantage later, makes me wonder; if the spark that gave the flame wasnt harbored by our ancestors, could they have come across another equally important discovery in the future that could still lead to us, Homo Sapiens or even further, would the absence of that discovery mean mankind’s demise somewhere along the course of history as a result of natural extinction (since that would mean no advantage over other species)?
    The concept directing of energy from gut to brain growth is very compelling indeed. Would this mean that chimps that may learn how to cook their food, may actually grow bigger brains and consequently outwiegh humans in terms of intelligence?
    Unlike Stephanie, I dont think that these events led females to become vulnerable to male authority since it seems like it was a cooperative act. In my opinion, the men who were stronger went out to hunt and the females who stayed in the settlements had their own share of work to fulfill.

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