Posted by: r.m. | May 28, 2009

Obama – a smarter ‘Bush’ – no Green President!

Here is more evidence that all the US has gotten is a change of face, but, more dangerously, with the perception of change, and a perception of change where change is lacking is dangerous since it lulls people to sleep and into a foolish idea that ‘tomorrow he’ll change’. Ha!

From The Dissident Voice:

After little more than 100 days in office, the Democrats, under the leadership of Barack Obama, have unleashed a slew of anti-environmental policies that would have enraged any reasonable conservationist during the Bush years.

I discussed the wolves and polar bears on this blog.  But here’s news I had missed.

During one of the most ridiculous episodes of the 2008 presidential campaign, the strange tag-team of John McCain and Sarah Palin led their diminutive crowds in spastics of “Drill, baby, drill.” Off-shore oil drilling and a new generation of nuclear power plants represented the sum total of the McCain/Palin energy plan.

Though it seemed like political comedy at the time, this strategy has now been at least partially embraced by the Obama administration. As the clock approached midnight on the final eve of the Bush administration, his Interior Department put forward a rule opening 300 million acres of coastal waters to oil drilling. According to the hastily prepared decree, the leasing was to begin by March 23. Enter Salazar with a maneuver that is typical of the Obama approach to environmental politics. Instead of killing the drilling plan outright, Salazar merely extended the analysis period for an additional six months. The environmental lobby was given a procedural crumb, while the oil hounds still had its long-sought prize on the table for the taking.

But there is more! Obama’s (unscientific) support for coal and his refusal to condemn mountain-topping. His (unscientific) support for biofuels – so strongly – that as Jeffrey St Clair writes in the article – “They want to chop down national forests and burn the public’s trees inside a new generation of biomass power generators”

read the article in full for more information about this so-called “environmental, liberal, compassionate, egalitarian” President.

So long as we have a political system — in the US and here in Lebanon as well — that is designed to support and maintain the strong political parties and allow for only a few tweaks of changes, we’re going to continue to have the status quo.



  1. I am afraid you are right. The conciliatory “changes” being made are unfortunate diversions from the real issue as usual, where is the money going? The most significant problem is that the financial sector dictates and controls politics and policies. They are masters at selling what amounts to meaningless issues as the focal point for the average American, glued to his tv. to buy into. This whole debate now going on regarding health care for all is just another diversion for everyone to make a name for themselves at the expense of establishing a democracy for all rather than consolidation of wealth for a few.

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