Posted by: r.m. | May 29, 2009

Yes to a ‘dangerous alliance against stability’

hmm… I find myself agreeing with the first part of what this Israeli terrorist has said:

Israeli Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Danny Ayalon, who wrote the document, as saying after the leak, “We see a strategic alliance between Chavez and [Iranian president] Ahmadinejad, and this is something very dangerous because it undermines stability… in the whole world.”

Yes, the alliance between Venezuela and Iran is dangerous to stability. Since stability is the situation of being stable, and stable means ‘not likely to change,’ – then yes, the alliance is dangerous to the status quo and to the hegemony of the imperialist powers in the world.  No wonder Israel is against the alliance — since it is in full support of the status quo that continues to allow it to be a fascist, racist, illegal, unethical entity.

A big kudos and cheers to the Venezuela Analysis that reported on this news the way that news should be reported on: contextually!

A big kudos to Chavez and Morales who recognize that the sovereignty of nations entitles them to operate foreign policies without duress and without the pressure from the US – or others!

Chávez has consistently advocated new regional and international organizations that promote peace and are not dominated by the U.S. In an interview with Iranian TV in 2007, Chávez explained that before he was elected, the Venezuelan government didn’t have control over its foreign policies, which “were dictated by Washington.”

“Today we are independent and have developed a completely independent policy, total sovereignty. We regard our relations with Russia, Belarus and Iran as fundamental and important,” Chavez said.

Read the article (Venezuela Reiterates Commitment to Multipolar World Following Israeli Accusations) in full here


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