Posted by: r.m. | May 31, 2009

Lebanese elections

I just got interviewed for 10 minutes on a US radio talk show program. Topic: Lebanese elections. (Or, as the host kept saying, “your” elections.)  He wanted to know the impact of Biden’s visit to Lebanon on the elections, and the potential impact of Obama’s forthcoming speech to the “Muslim World” on the elections in Lebanon. After answering his question, I stressed – twice  – that the elections in Lebanon should be left for the Lebanese to decide; foreign governments, including the US, have no right to interfere or to influence elections here in any way, just as the US would frown upon (to say the least) foreign interference or influence into US elections.

I felt as if I were speaking a foreign language to him when I spoke as such.

(He also said that in the US there is talk that if Hezbollah wins the majority it will shift US-Lebanon relations and it will be dangerous. sigh.)


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