Posted by: r.m. | June 3, 2009

another threat to food security & fisheries from climate change

The build-up of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is changing several of the features of the Earth’s climate, oceans, coasts and freshwater ecosystems that affect fisheries and aquaculture – air and sea surface temperatures, rainfall, sea level, acidity of the ocean, wind patterns, and the intensity of tropical cyclones.

Fishers, fish farmers and coastal inhabitants will bear the full force of these impacts through less stable livelihoods, changes in the availability and quality of fish for food, and rising risks to their health, safety and homes. Many fisheries-dependent communities already live a precarious and vulnerable existence because of poverty, lack of social services and essential infrastructure. The fragility of these communities is further undermined by overexploited fishery resources and degraded ecosystems.”

Go here to download the full and new report


  1. reducing global emissions of greenhouse gasses is not enough to limit the climate change traces on thing wasn’t mentionned, is that besides its negative effect on the fishers and logically the huge impact it leaves on their economical status, leaving them more and more drowned in the crisis..the aquaculture which is now seriously endangered, will result in the jeopordizing of the survival of many fish species..and threaten the diversity of the richs in oceans and seas further more..

  2. This is not really news, the fact that fish populations are being affected by pollution and global warming is already agreed upon.. Here, they just expand it from ecological to social/economic level. It’s a shame to see that in parallel to this, waste are still being dumped anywhere and pollution has reached every burrough! A drastic change is needed to try to stop further damage. And still then, how will we reverse the past damage?

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