Posted by: r.m. | June 3, 2009

In pictures

We care about what we know. Hard to love something of which we’re ignorant.

So, check out these latest pictures by the famed french photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand



  1. All the pictures are amazing but two, in particular, caught my attention:
    – The eco-city in Germany-I didn’t know something like that existed.
    – The contrast between the slums in Nigeria and the highway passing nearby.

  2. Loved every picture in the set!
    Would love to see the movie although with my connection on you tube it would take a long time!

    I especially liked:
    – The grand prismatic hot spring in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States. (the colors are amazing!)
    – Makoko slum in Lagos, Nigeria (it looks very weird almost photoshoped!)


  3. each picture in itself is special but the one of Primary forest park in Fjordland, New Zealand is exceptional it is just like if it is painted by a famous artist

  4. All the pictures are attention grabbing.
    – I did not know that the air turbines were that big relative to humans.
    – the grand prismatic hot spring in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States is amazing
    – That was a very long bridge in Nigeria
    – the snowmobiles on the ice, Baffin Island, Canada look like they are flying between the clouds
    – the Iguazu falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil are scary

  5. Beautiful pictures.. One in particular “Makoko slum in Lagos” caught my attention regarding the increasing world population and the amazingly high density of populations in certain areas.. We were talking in class about a species limit and how the human population should be lowered to about 1 billion.. at the same time, there are worries that this population is increasing further.. Then what? what resources will be left for the billion?

  6. eco friendly houses? why cant make some more of those? God knows we need alot. The results should be great with even a slight percentage transition from the current energy strategy to those.
    Some of these pictures are absolutely amazing I particularly liked the hot spring shot, forest park in Fjordland of New Zealand and the Iguazu falls.

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