Posted by: r.m. | June 3, 2009

mining and rape?

“The acute crisis of sexual violence in eastern Congo is being tied to illegal mining interests in the region, which help finance the warring and competing factions that are perpetrating a worsening rape epidemic … international mining companies with significant investments in eastern Congo value economic interest over the bodies of women by trading with rebels who use rape as a tactic of war in areas rich in coltan, gold and tin.”

what to do?

One tactic – as presented in the article is to “[pressure] major electronic companies–from Apple to Sony–to certify that cell phones, computers and other products contain “conflict-free minerals,” a campaign tactic popularized by the Sierra Leone-based film “Blood Diamonds.”



  1. I read the article and I understood that illicit mining is related to criminals that are using rape as a weapon of war.
    What I didn’t understand, however, is how these criminals use rape to access mineral-rich mines.

  2. Apparantly there is a “link between resource exploitation and armed conflict” which leads interantional greedy and inhumane companies to trade with the rebels by means of “women bodies” for the (what they assess as valuable versus insignificant) minerals like gold etc. An immoral, definitely unjustified and terrorizing act that should be dealt with effectively and immediately!

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