Posted by: r.m. | June 3, 2009

planning to profit from extinction?

Bluefin tuna frozen at -60C now could be sold in several years’ time for astronomical sums if Atlantic bluefin becomes commercially extinct as forecast, a result of the near free-for-all enjoyed by the tuna fleet.


  1. wow i had no idea that even tuna was in danger of extinction.
    The solution is, in my opinion, to enforce the laws that are already present.
    Make Mitsubishi pay large taxes for every extra ton of fish they are fishing more than the set upper limit (set by marine scientists)

    In all cases if the tuna gets extinct, it will be our loss! I mean, no more tuna! I would miss enjoying a tuna salad 😀

  2. i think it would be a good idea if they didnt collect so much fish at once as tuna is one of the most sold fish and is loved by many people.
    and i must say, it was a shock for me to find out that Mitsubishi is not only a company that makes cares and electical goods but also are traders of the bluepin tuna fish.

  3. In my opinion, an international law for protecting tuna fish and any other animla should be put.
    I agree with Ibrahim about increasing taxes on companies which use fish in its industries, but will this actually reduce the amount of fish that they are going to extract from the ocean?

  4. Bluefin tuna isn’t the first among fish species that are being classified by the scientists as jeopordized species..the overfishing of these species should be brought to end..either we do that,or we enjoy the pleasure of its taste few years later,along with the fact that we exterminated their’s here the responsability of the authorities to grant the Mitsubishi companies serious penalties for overfishing one of the endangered species..after all,isn’t it illegal to do so?or the question that need to be asked here :shouldn’t be illegal?

  5. You would think that when humans lead to the extinction of species that live on earth, to the destruction of all natural habitats, to the pollution of the air they breath and the water they drink, maybe, just maybe they would realize that they work on saving the animals, trying to restore nautral habitats, trying to clean what they polluted.. Instead of trying to save the last tuna, they freeze it and sell it for more money.. how typical human…

  6. Ironically, this is funny and sad all at the same time. Its sad to know that humans overexploitation is driving tuna, among other species, to extinction and whats funny about this matter is; all that the mentioned corporation “Mitsubishi” can think about is how to prolong their immoral profiting by insanely exploiting even more tuna and freezing them for subsequent sale deals. whats even worse is that the company is even exploiting non-Japenese waters which will even cause the tuna to go extinct even earlier.
    to even out peak and trough they say? they should know that such actions would cause further “trough” reduction. Instead of wiping out all fish as projected by 2048 and profiting immensely on the demise of a species, why not profit a little less for a much longer time without the unnecessary cost of the species extinction?

  7. In answer to Peter’s comment:
    yes it would reduce the amount of fish they are going to extract from the ocean.
    High taxes on over limit tuna fishing would mean higher cost per tuna fished means higher price on tuna in general means reduced selling because of higher prices.
    Clearly lower profits due to overpricing is in no comapny’s benifit.

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