Posted by: r.m. | June 3, 2009

“Rising temperatures, Rising tensions”

Here ( Rising temp rising tensions IISD -english- low res final ) is the English version of the report that was launched yesterday at the AUB about the links between climate change and regional security. For the Arabic version,  follow this  link (Thank you Jina)

Here is the article from Al-Akhbar on the report itself

and here is an article from Reuters published in Ha’aretz on the report also: Climate change could prompt Israel to resist Golan pullout (ah, the Israelis want more excuses to continue their illegal activities) (Thank you Marcy)



  1. As much as rising temperature and the whole environmental issue in general is important; I do not think that it is in anyone’s priority here in lebanon or in the whole region for that matter. (regarding major political groups)
    I mean, most political group has a certain environmental agenda or plan but it is usually in the form of: “Making the environment better” period.
    Let’s face it, we are overwhelmed with what seems like much more imminent issues, and the idea of something bad happening in 40-50 years is just not that imminent now.

  2. water is a critical issue that could set a threat to the future although Lebanon currently has many issues that should be solved urgently before any other such as its weapons, the Palestinian issue and more

  3. redrawing the maps of
    water availability, food security, population distribution and coastal boundaries—may all affect regional security.and the problem of climate change in the region remain crucial, and something must be done to limit its implications, especially because it will furthe amplify the intensity of the Israelian-Arabian conflict..
    we all know that Israel has always had with Lebanon this issue of water, and the Litany river, which for them represents one of their prior concern..I think it is almost an illusion to think that this conflict will be solved, and both parts will go on in search to secure the environment, and recognize climate change as a project to work on in the upcoming future..

  4. we arabs always talk about climate change and its impacts on us and our environment. however i dont recall learning about any arab nation making the least effort to try and save our environment.
    in lebanon, we know that water is one major crisis and should be the our first priority on our agenda, and yet we choose to fight eachother instead and create wars, which keep dragging us more to losing our water reserves and our environment.
    let’s just hope that this new meeting that’s being held in denmark could really have some advantageous impacts on our environments, though i really doubt it.

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