Posted by: r.m. | June 9, 2009

boycott works! again!

The French company Veolia was supposed to operate the rail project that will connect the city center of Jerusalem with illegal settlements in the West Bank, but now wants to withdraw from the project that is deemed illegal under international law. Observers claim this is the achievement of the Global Boycot Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign that has been mounted on Israel.



  1. You racists led by Mazri are in a minority and are fighting a war you will never win.

    Debunking racist Jew haters like Rania Masri, Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter is so easy! This is about a 2 state illusion.

    The Palestinians have gotten the short end of the historical stick, no
    doubt. (So have the Poles, Kurds, Armenians and Tibetans, to name a
    few.) But the Palestinians have also made and continue to make _huge
    historical blunders_—like refusing to recognize Israel for the last 61
    years and making the expulsion of Jews from the Jewish homeland the core
    purpose of their being.

    It’s time to face the facts: The Palestinians are indeed a defeated
    people, and they have practically zero leverage in suing for peace
    (even if they wanted peace, which they don’t seem to in the least). Palestinian political organizations are involved in murderous factional struggles,
    and governance is in shambles.

    If a Martian were suddenly to land on earth and start listening to and
    reading the mainstream media, he would form the impression that the
    entire Middle East conflict were due to Israel building some settlements
    in land that much of the world thinks should become a Palestinian state.
    A near-consensus exists among the governments of the world and among
    media writers that peace has yet to break out in the Middle East because
    of three principle reasons. The first is that the Jews and the Arabs
    have been unable to agree about whether there should be a Palestinian
    state. The second is because Israel has obstinately refused to withdraw
    its troops from (so-called) “occupied Arab” lands. The third is because
    Israel behaves cruelly towards the Palestinians.

    *The Martian could easily carry these beliefs back* to its home planet,
    as long as it did not bother to learn the background and the history of
    the Middle East conflict. Those three reasons cannot survive an
    antibiotic of familiarity with Middle East history.

    President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seem to
    think the idea of Palestinian statehood is the most wonderful idea to
    come along since the Thirteenth Amendment. And almost all world
    politicians, along with the Israeli Left, insist that all Israeli
    settlements must be removed from the West Bank because they serve as the
    main obstacle to peace. The reality is that the Middle East conflict has
    very little to do with debate over Palestinian statehood and even less
    to do with Israeli “settlements.” In fact Israel has agreed in
    principle, somewhat foolishly, to the erection of such a Palestinian
    state, at least subject to some security conditions and other
    concessions from the Palestinians — like recognizing Israel’s right to
    exist. As it turns out, even so-called “moderate” Palestinians reject
    any such idea.

    Meanwhile debate about the Middle East conflict is based on an
    incredible absence of historic information and on a series of stylish
    misconceptions about Middle East history. The anti-Israel Lobby, which
    grows by the day in its maliciousness and anti-Semitism, counts on the
    ignorance of much of the public concerning how the Middle East got to
    where it is.

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