Posted by: r.m. | June 12, 2009

water – a right

This is a thin attempt by the World Bank to argue – once again – that water should be classified as an economic good (or a human need) and not as a human right. The difference? In the former, water would be provided to people by the market – thus pricing it according to supply and demand, not according to need and ability to pay. In the latter, water would need to be provided to satisfy human need by the government: it would be a right.

This is no small deal, no small discussion over semantics.  It is an integral struggle against privatization and corporate control, and for human respect and equity.



  1. The world bank reflects the true position of all the capital and economical world.seing how much economic benefits is preferred over human rights is frightning..the fact that they are thinking of making water something to strengthen their economic budget,when there are millions of people with no steady water supply is absurd.
    The issue here is in the people’s way of thinking..once those who practice economics realize that this is simply manipulating human rights,they will reconsider their policies..

  2. Just when one thinks that nothing else around us can be privatized, a piece of news like this shows up! If saving the economy ( as if this would be enough to do so) means people dont have the right to the most basic substance of life anymore, then let the economy suffer some more. Describing what percentage of Philipines river waters has deteriorated in terms of use efficiency really doesnt help the world banks cause. Governments have duties to supply citizens with clean water. That is a right that should not be tampered with.

  3. well i guess there goes our fight for water. if the world bank is plotting such plans then what is left to protect us from other organizations? is business and profitting really more important than human rights and providing humans with the right amenities for a good life?

  4. How can water be classified an Economic good? What are they willing for? I think that all the world’s politics and economics led as to the DIRTY world we are living in. We should ignore all the strategies and stop optimizing GHOSTS to riune our world more and more….

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