Posted by: r.m. | August 3, 2009

dolphins… the many facets of the slaughter, all sad

…and here’s another courageous documentary about hope and resistance and environment and greed

Moviemaker Louie Psihoyos dodged deportation, evaded arrest, and put himself in serious danger to make the new documentary The Cove.

He had to: He and his crew were spying on fishermen who are key to a multibillion-dollar business — and who every year slaughter thousands of dolphins off the shore of Taiji, Japan.

Dolphins, Psihoyos says, are remarkably intelligent, with brains that are bigger and more loaded with neurons than the human brain.

“They’re more sensitive than us on multiple levels,” Psihoyos says. “They have an extra sense. Their sonic ability is legendary. They can see right through you. They can see your heart beating — they can see if you’re pregnant. These animals, I think, are superhuman.”

Superhuman or not, dolphins are consumed widely, though not always knowingly, in Japan: The meat is marketed and sold as whale meat, at great risk to consumers. As creatures at the top of the aquatic food chain, dolphins are substantially more affected by ocean contaminants than bottom-feeders.

Check out the movie trailer:



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