Posted by: r.m. | August 15, 2009

#1 urban agriculture — Cuba

From the Council on Hemispheric Affairs

Cuba is the only country in the world that has developed an extensive state-supported infrastructure to support urban food production. Functionally, this system was established in response to acute food shortages in the early 1990s, which occurred after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the island was forced to find an alternative manner of cultivating crops. Havana has established and expanded on this innovative model since this time, and it continues to lead the island nation in its quest for self-sufficiency. The increasing prevalence of urban agriculture benefits the economy, environment, community and health of Cuban citizens.”


“Cuba’s successful implementation of urban agriculture should serve as a model for other developing countries, particularly in Latin America. By embracing more modern and effective methods of farming, countries theoretically have the opportunity to transform their local markets, augmenting the labor force and cultivating capital and infrastructure.”

A few friends and I dream of making urban community gardens in Beirut.  There is one neglected former parking lot in Hamra that has been reclaimed by plants – mostly parsley.  I only noticed the parsley when I saw an elderly woman standing in the small plot and picking them.

Here is the link for the Resource Center on Urban Agriculture and Food Security – Middle East and North Africa, “an international network of seven regional resource centers and one global resource centre on Urban Agriculture and Food Security.”



  1. This technique that Cuba has brought up is on of the many things that are needed in other different regions of the world. i hope that it would spread and help others realize that this is what they need

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